White acrylic round wall, back drop
This design is available in black or white acrylic. Standard sizes are 90" dia or 84" dia with a flat cut bottom. The 2 piece, free standing design makes for easy transport and decoration.
Clear modular top, gold mirror base
This table features the stunning gold mirror acrylic base with the modular, clear acrylic top. The two piece design makes it easy to decorate inside with nearly any decorations.
Mirror acrylic chuppah/table set
Most any one of my designs can be layered in mirror acrylic. The chuppah, mandap, arch, bridal table, pillars, cake stand, you name it, layer it in mirror and add a whole new dimension to your decoration
Acrylic pillar family, set of (5)
This is a great way to invest ina crylic pillars. The family set consists of (2) 12" sq x 32" high, (2) 12" sq x 42" high and (1) 20" sq x 32"H pillars.
Custom sizing available, buy as a set and save.
gold mirror wedding set
The gold mirror acrylic wedding set will be the talk of the town after your event. The table is made with a 72 x 24 top and translucent white base, compliment it with a gold mirror arch, structure, cake table or pillar set.
Acrylic doughnut wall, free standing
This free standing acrylic wall has 25, 1/2" acrylic rods mounted to a 30" x 22" free standing wall to accommodate 50 doughnuts. Great for any occasion
Cake stand_round acrylic top_square acro
This full acrylic cake stand uses a 1" thick clear acrylic base with 1/2" acrylic rods mounted to hold the 16" dia . 3/8" thick acrylic top.
Cake stand_round acrylic top_round white
This display stand can be made with nearly any color base, white being most common, the 3/8" thick, 16" round acrylic top rests on acrylic mounts for a light weight, sturdy design able to hold any size cake
Acrylic cake stand_silver trim
This open base stand uses a chrome/silver liner to add a great accent to a beautiful design. Available in sizes from 12" - 24" sq.
acrylic cake stand gold trim display
This design uses the basic clear cake riser trimmed with gold liner. Made in sizes from 12" sq to 24" sq, this design is very strong in any size. The open bottom design makes for easy decoration under the stand
acrylic cake stand square
This cake stand is made from a strong 3/8" thick acrylic, 20" sq x 6" high . The solid, "X" base design makes for a strong and beautiful piece easy to decorate.
Acrylic cake stand set of 3
This is a great design for displaying cakes, cupcakes, deserts or pastries. The three level stand is made from 3 , 5, sided, open bottom risers measuring 18" sq , 14" sq and 10" sq, custom sizing available
Acrylic Slab top table , pillar base
This design is great for a desert table, cake table, candles, place cards, you name it, easy to use and set up, the 1/2" thick clear acrylic top locks onto a pair of 16" sq x 30"H open base pillars that can work great on their own as well. great piece for any occasion.
round acrylic table stand 32"
The acrylic table stands come with 12" tops, round or square and mount with 1" thick round acrylic rod. Available in heights up to 36"
White family set_display
Our round pillars come in many colors and sizes. Made standard in a 12" dia and 20" dia heights range from 42" to 18" and colors are pretty limitless including mirror. Contact us for more details
Acrylic Wedding Canopy (Chuppah)
This acrylic structure is a stunning yet simple design made to be used for multiple events, in many locations and decorated to your exact liking. From a full decor of flowers, material top, internal up-lighting and internal column decorations, this piece can be as extravagant or as simplistic as necessary. Great for indoor or outdoor events, this piece has been on the Beaches of Aruba and the rooftops of New York City and some amazing venues in between.
Acrylic Pedestals
Our line of acrylic pedestals (columns/pillars) are as versatile as they are beautiful. Columns can be made to just about any height and width you desire, and are available with varying styles of tops. The standard is a flat, solid top glued into place to make a 5 sided unit with open bottom. The removable top cap with a cross bar option is perfect for hanging décor into the pillars, and the inset top option allows you to fill the top with additional decorations.
Acrylic Bridal/Sweetheart Table
With it's removable modular top and open pillar-style legs, the acrylic Bridal/Sweetheart Table was designed to be decorated. It is classy and easy to use at an affordable price. Great for event planners and wedding coordinators as it can be used many times over and decorated to coordinate with many different themes. The top and legs allow easy access for filling with flowers, branches, lights, or other décor to suit your needs. Can also be used as a dessert or buffet table for parties.
Acrylic Arch
If you are looking for that “wow” piece to use for a party, reception, convention or wedding, this is one you have to consider. The arch is made from clear acrylic and consists of a pair of 12” sq, 96” tall pillars connected by a 72” channel to create a stunning piece that can be fully decorated to create any look you want. The piece includes support “base plates” to keep it sturdy in most conditions and also allow for up-lighting to be housed. Place a few together to create a unique walkway.
Acrylic Deluxe Cake Table
The Deluxe Modular cake table is a stunning and beautiful piece that can be decorated to your perfect look and will be the talk of the day. The main center pillar is complimented by four modular “legs” that help you create different looks around it and inside it. Made from a brilliant, clear 1/4” thick polished acrylic, the table is a seven piece design made to be decorated.
Acrylic Cake Stand
This modular cake stand is a stunning and beautiful piece that can be decorated to perfectly suit your look and will be the talk of the day. The stand is a 3-piece design made to be decorated in 1/4" thick clear acrylic. The lower box is an 18” sq x 16” high open bottom box with a series of 25-30 holes tapped into the top for stringing decorations into it. The upper box is a 2-piece modular set, 18” sq x 4” deep which come apart to easily decorate inside and are very strong when pieced together.
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The Acrylic Wedding Structure in it's many splendor designs

wedding strucutre_Chuppah_Mandap_Arch_gazeebo_Lucite_Acrylic_Plexi_Display
Tribecca rooftop-chuppah-crystal-valance-roof top view
Acrylic Chuppah Mandap
photo 3
Lucite-Acrylic Chuppah full view
Chuppah-lucite-acrylic-front view-waterside restaurant decorated
chuppah_white full top
Lucite-Acrylic Chuppah Full View Close Up
structure_candle wall_table-cu

The Modular top Bridal table can be filled and decorated in nearly any style you can dream up

Bridal Table decorated
bridal table with pillar legs
slab top pillar base white box insert
Desk-lucite-modular-bridal table- clear-ghost desk- floral filled
Black bridal table pillar base
acrylic bridal table 72 x 30 decorated
Bridal table-lucite-acrylic-fully decorated-waterside restaurant sunset
Desk-lucite-modular-bridal table- clear-ghost desk-display
Desk-lucite-modular-bridal table- clear-ghost desk-top off
bridal table with mirror pillars
bridal top table outside
acrylic_bridal table_modular top_inset legs

The Acrylic Structure can also be used as a stand alone Arch or walk way. Simple yet stunning.

acrylic wedding arch
Arch-walkway-purple hanigng flowers
acrylic walkway
white arch
Arch pillar decorated
Arch undecorated
cake swing gold chain small cake
cake swing display
acrylic cake swing on mirror arch
acrylic cake swing silver chain larg
Cake Stand - Modular - Decorated
cake swing acrylic silver chain
Cake stand stacked gold mirror
Purple mirror cake stand
cake stand - riser fitted top
cake stand set with fitted top
cake stand_ basic_single tier_undecorated
cake stand X base

Our Line of Cake Swings and Stands Range from simple to spectacular.

Made to the size and style you need, we can give you just the look you want to display your cake exactly your way.

lucite_cake-take_deluxe_display_side view decorated - Copy
Acrylic deluxe cake table1
acrylic cake table up-lit pink
Acrylic cake table pink blue decor
Acrylic cake table deluxe
Cake Table w-o Decorations
Acrylic table removable modular top
acrylic cake table top close up
Game table-lucite-base-cu
lucite-game-table-top off
Acrylic cake table w/ strucutre
lucite_cake-take_deluxe_close up display_full view decorated - Copy

The Acrylic Cake tables are a great way to display your cake.   The fully modular design gives you full access to decorate all parts of the table to nearly any look you can imagine.

Clear Acrylic pillar 36"
Acrylic pillar set 42" 36" 32"
black acrylic pedistal, pillar
clear pillar
Pillars-translucent-white-40x15-set 4
clear acrylic pillars

Our line of acrylic pillars can be made to nearly any size you need and come in a multitude of color options.   Contact us today to get exactly what you need.

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