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In 2011, I was a stay-at-home dad, happily trading in a career in Corporate America to raise my boys and support my then wife's growing wedding flower business. I umpired high school sports to help make ends meet and was quite happy with things. That summer, my wife received a request for an acrylic wedding structure. We took the job figuring it could not be that hard to find the thing. Boy, were we wrong! Several months and endless internet searches later, I decided to design and build a structure myself. Though I didn't have the slightest clue what I was doing, a full night watching YouTube videos gave me a basic idea of what I needed to do, and I built a structure in my garage. The final result was a hit (good decorating certainly helped), and I decided to put the pictures on a website since web development was a self-taught hobby of mine. Within a month I was contacted by a company in the Bahamas who wanted a structure, and my first sale was made. Sale #2 came a few months after that from an event planner in Atlanta. Then things got real. By the Spring of 2012, it became a 3-4 day a week job just keeping up with new wedding-related orders, making structures, pillars and some rudimentary table designs. I started renting the wedding structures, and a business was born.

Now , nearly 8 years after that first request I rent the structure on a regular basis and have become one of the leading suppliers of custom acrylic designs for the wedding/event industry. I also work 6 days a week 10-12 hours a day....but I love what I do, what more can you ask for?  Along with the structure I also make several other pieces, including cake stands, cake tables, pedestals/pillars, bridal/sweetheart tables, and a variety of table stand designs.  I also have developed a line of over 50 different pieces of home furnishings with an array of designs for coffee tables, console tables, desks and various display works.

Some how along the way I became one of the top designers of hand crafted, custom built acrylic in the entire country While based in Northern New Jersey and serving the NYC area market, I have built up a private courier networks that allows me to ship to most points East of the Mississippi and crating/freighting let's me reach the rest .  I do rentals of the acrylic structure as far North as Boston and South to D.C. .  With over 100 structures sold world wide, I can likely recommend a local owner of one to rent for most major cities.

Wedding and Event Rentals

Acrylic Chuppah

Our acrylic wedding structure (Chuppah, Canopy, Mandap) is unique in it's versatility. From the simple to the elaborate, this structure can be decorated to perfectly complement your style and tastes.

Acrylic Tables

From our bridal/sweetheart table to our deluxe cake table, all of our acrylic tables are made to be fully decorated to match your wedding colors or party theme and be the talk of the day.

*Photo courtesy of Simply Unique Party Creations.

Acrylic Cake Stands

Whether you want to elegantly display your cake or line the wedding aisle with flowers, our Lucite cake stands and pedestals are the perfect way to do this without detracting from items being displayed.

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