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We have been in business for over 7 years now making hand crafted, custom acrylic pieces for both home and professional use.  We are the leading producer of custom acrylic wedding structures worldwide and have sold thousands of pieces of furniture and displays all over the world.  We are one of the leading producers of hand-crafted acrylic in the U.S.  However, we are not perfect nor do we make any perfect pieces.  Please take a moment to review what you can expect from our pieces when you purchase from us.



Terms and conditions          


As all of the pieces we make are made to order we cannot offer refunds on pieces we make unless it is determined by us that the product can be re-sold in the condition it is in.

Fully custom projects are not subject to return for any reason.  No custom order can be cancelled after the material is cut and production has begun, this normally happens within a week to ten days from time of order.  Any order may be canceled prior to this point if requested in written form.

All orders must be paid in full prior to shipping


Condition of products; what you can expect


All of our work and craftsmanship is done fully by hand, we have no high end machinery to do precision, cutting, drilling, gluing or polishing, it is all done by hand.

As such, some imperfections can be expected on nearly every piece we make.

NO RETURNS will ever be accepted base on “expectation” of quality.  If you require flawless, perfectly crafted acrylic pieces DO NOT purchase from us.  PLEASE!!!


Some common “flaws” to expect , but not limited to, are as follows: 


Glue seams:  On thinner material, under ½” thick  most glue seams will be clean. You can expect some Fraying or minor air bubbles around glue seams, especially on material thicker than ½”.  The thicker the material and longer the glue run, the better possibility that there will be some sort of minor air pockets in the seams. Any air bubbles are normally around the outer edges of the seam, never in the middle.

Edge alignment: All edges may not be perfectly flush.  It is common for acrylic to move slightly while drying.  While we try to avoid this, minor variances of less than 1/8” is considered acceptable for an edge.  This is not a common flaw but can happen.

Doors/ drawers: On desks with drawers or cabinets with doors it is very likely the drawers will not be perfectly aligned, they will function perfectly well but may have a slight gap between drawers or have minor mis-alignments.

Surface and edges: While we try to keep the surface and edges clean and crisp throughout production, from time to time a slight scuff, glue spot or dimple may appear in the acrylic.  Sometimes this will be in the acrylic itself, sometimes from production.  Often times more damage will be done tying to remove these imperfections thus they are left.


If you approach purchasing your acrylic piece with the mindset of purchasing a diamond you will be better off, it will be beautiful to look at, glamorous to see as a whole, but when closely inspected imperfections will be found.

All of our pieces are designed to be the size, style and material thickness as requested and all pieces will be built to perform their function and be fully beautiful when viewed as a whole.

Requesting a return because of a minor flaws or imperfection will not be allowed.


Shipping damage: While we strive to pack all of our shipped pieces well and use only quality couriers to deliver pieces with “White Glove” service sometimes with acrylic “ship happens” and damage occurs. If a piece get’s damaged in transit it will be replaced, refunds due to shipping damage are only offered if the shipping company honors the damage claim, this is not always guaranteed.  In the case of shipping/transit damage, contact us at once and we will discuss the best resolution to fix the problem.


By purchasing from any of our stores or through our e-mail / web site system, you are agreeing that you understand the terms and conditions as laid out here and will abide by them.  Any attempts to get a refund by filing a charge back with the payment company or processing bank will be faced with legal implications supported by this document.

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